Jena (_dahling_) wrote in hhschoir,

Musician Humor Part Two

Murphy’s Laws of the Concert Choir

You WILL have to pee ten minutes into rehearsal, no matter how long you sit there beforehand.

The tenors date sopranos, altos date basses.

The chorus room is always kept at 50 degrees below zero.

You WILL get sick just before Districts, or everyone will come home from Districts with what they will call “The [Insert name of City in which Districts was held] Flu”, and everyone will recover just in time for State.

The director is always right. Even when she is wrong the director is always right.

She who squeals is the one who gets yelled at first.

Murphy's Law of State Festival-If someone has a chance to screw up a song, it will happen.

If there are two dozen tough spots in a piece of music, there will be another dozen.
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